Romanze Op.85

By Max Bruch

The Romanze or Romance in F major for 'Bratsche' was dedicated to the famed violist from France, Maurice Edgard Vieux in 1911. He proved worthy of dedication of this absolute masterpiece, given his immense reputation as a teacher at the Paris Conservatoire and vast connections with the world's top musicians such as Debussy, Kreisler, Faure, and Saint-Saens to name a few. The edition of Bruch's Romanze for violin, although gorgeous, is not as widely performed. It appears that Bruch created the violin/viola - piano adaptations simultaneously, and all three (including the solo-orchestral) editions were published at the same time. This is an utmost romantic composition meant to reach the souls of audiences. The passion in its performance cannot be overdone.

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Bruch, Max | Romanze Op.85