Elegie in C minor Op.24

By Gabriel Faure

The 'Elegie' by Faure for cello and piano originally, began its life as the supposed 3rd movement to Mr. Faure's Cello Sonata No.1. The sonata, however, was only completed a whopping thirty years later. As a result, the mourning song became an independently-performed work for multiple instruments. By the request of Colonne, a conductor from Bordeaux, Gabriel produced a version accompanied by orchestra a few years later. Surely Faure's performance of the piece with the cellist to whom it was dedicated, Jules Loeb, in 1873, had greatly affected Colonne. Though the premier was conducted by the composer and the solo played by Pablo Casals. A version for viola can be found in the following link: Faure Elegie for viola.

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Elegie in C minor Op.24 sheet music sample
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Faure, Gabriel | Elegie in C minor Op.24