Violin Sonata in Eb Op.18

By Richard Strauss

Strauss dedicated his violin sonata to chemist Robert Franz Pschorr, a sibling to Richard's mother and son of a successful owner of a brewery (now known as Hacker-Pschorr Brewery), in 1887. It was premiered by violinist Robert Heckmann (who also premiered Brahms Violin Sonata No.1), and Pianist Julius Buths in Munich, 1888. Heckmann is also the dedicatee of Bruch's Romanze op.42 and Edvard Grieg's Quartet No.1 in G minor.

The following link to IMSLP holds a scan of the manuscript to Strauss' vioilin sonata in E-flat.

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Violin Sonata in Eb Op.18 sheet music sample
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Strauss, Richard | Violin Sonata in Eb Op.18
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