Berceuse sur le nom de Gabriel Fauré

By Maurice Ravel

Misconceptions arose in regards to the actual entity to which this Berceuse was dedicated. Based on available historical records such as 'La Revue musicale' Vol. 6, calling the piece 'Hommage à Gabriel Fauré', and Catalog of Copyright Entries

Part 3, Volume 18, Issue 1, as well as the title of the piece and its creation in Faure's very old age, One can argue that Faure is predictably presumed to be the dedicatee. however, modern sources suggest that it was dedicated to a 'Claude Roland-Manuel'. It is not clear where this claim originates. The piece was published in 1922, when some suggest Mr. Claude was born. However, it is possible, nay likely, the reference actually points to Mr. Alexis Roland-Manuel, a musical critic and student to Ravel. This is difficult to confirm given publically available data. The title can be translated to 'A Lullaby on the name Gabriel Faure'.

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Ravel, Maurice | Berceuse sur le nom de Gabriel Fauré