Violin Concerto No.2 in D K211

By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart completed this concerto when he was just about nineteen years old in 1775 and it was first published seven years later in Offenbach, Germany, by Johann Andre with the title 'Concerto facile No.2' (easy concerto). It written for a very small orchestra consisting two oboes, two horns, and a string ensemble. Ferdinand Kuchler happens to have created his own edition of the solo part which includes original cadenzas. Kuchler's edition of Mozart Concerto No.2. The piece is quite elegant yet challenging with the first movement containing some awkward positional jumps and string crossings sometimes having to skip a string or two. One can see the phrase 'Cadenza a piacere' mentioned in multiple places with a fermata. These sections suggests the non-mandatory option to play a cadenza.

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Violin Concerto No.2 in D K211 sheet music sample
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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus | Violin Concerto No.2 in D K211
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