Etudes Op.36 Book 1 ("Special Studies")

By Jacques Fereol Mazas

Book 1 is alternatively titled "Etudes Speciales. Opus 36 is a set of three books called "Etudes mélodiques et progressives" totaling 75 exercises. Descriptions are available for these etudes: 1. Exercise in crescendo and decrescendo 2. The sweeping bow stroke 3. & 4: The Firm bow stroke; from the middle to the tip of the bow without leaving the strings 5 & 6: Detached or sustained tones, vigorously from middle to the point. 7. Singing tones 8. Division of the Bow in the Cantilena style. (lullaby-like). 11. Cross the strings without lifting the bow. 12. The first tone of each group should be played with vigorous martellato. 13. Preparatory exercise for trilling. 14. The Trill 15. The Mordent 16 & 17: Various Bowings 19. Finger-exercise 20. Shifting 21. Flexibility of the wrist. 22. Same exercise as No. 21, in triplets. 23. Short staccato strokes, and octaves 24. The Mordent 25. At the nut (frog) of the bow, lifting it for each note 27. Singing tones and double-stops 28. Ease and lightness of bowing 30. Pizzicato with the left hand.
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Mazas, Jacques Fereol | Etudes Op.36 Book 1 ("Special Studies")
1. Largo