Poème Op.25

By Ernest Chausson

Dedicated to the renowned violinist and composer, as well as dear friend of Ernest, Eugene Ysaye in 1896, who premiered it at Conservatory Regional Du Grand Nancy. This is, by far, Chausson's most well known and most often-performed work. The soloist can perform it with orchestra, a string quartet, or piano. The original manuscript bore the title 'Le Chant de L'amour Triomphant' (The Song of Triumphant Love), inspired by author Ivan Turgenev, and then 'Poeme Symphonique'. The three masters, Ysaye, Chausson, and Faure were close friends, well familiar with each other's works. Just three years before the premier of Poeme, Faure completed his Romance Op.28 for violin and piano. The Poeme bears many similarities to this composition, which provides a completely different tone far less serious, mostly with rhythmical nuances.

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Chausson, Ernest | Poème Op.25