Rokoko Op.15

By Willy Burmester

Also called 'Rococo' & 'Roccoco', the word, in essence, is a French style of art or architecture from the Baroque period. This little composition is one of very few Burmester published aside from his arrangements. It does not appear that recordings of it even exist so it is quite unknown, and sadly so, as it is quite a lovely stand-alone piece. In a moderate tempo, the piano and violin open together in a waltz-like tempo - not too fast or slow, and proceed to develop the theme. The violin adds double-stops for extra fullness of the sound while the accompaniment supports the theme with fine progressions. After the middle, the melody transitions back to the violin in harmonics, and then returns to an earlier theme. Its a pity that it is not a standard among violinists.

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Rokoko Op.15 sheet music sample
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Burmester, Willy | Rokoko Op.15