Violin Concerto in D Op.61

By Ludwig Van Beethoven

Dedicated to friend of Beethoven and librettist Stephan von Breuning. The violin concerto was also arranged as a piano concerto by Beethoven, op. 61a and published a year before the violin version. The work was premiered by Franz Clement and revisited by Joseph Joachim in 1844, after which it became one of the most valuable pieces in the violin repertoire. Although this is the only performed violin concerto by Beethoven, he had once started a C major violin concerto but a portion of the manuscript was either lost or not written. Quite famously, to Brahms' dissatisfaction, Joachim performed this concerto at the same concert that he premiered Brahms' violin concerto.

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Violin Concerto in D Op.61 sheet music sample
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Beethoven, Ludwig Van | Violin Concerto in D Op.61
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