Meditation from Thais, Act 2 entr'acte

By Jules Massenet

Here you will find accompaniments for Meditation in both D major (the original key) and in B♭ major. It is a piece performed between acts one and two of Jules' opera 'Thais'. Even today this concert piece has established itself as one of the top known and loved stand-alone compositions. Typically the concertmaster (or head violinist for an orchestra) would play the solo part while the orchestra plays along. Massenet Meditation was arranged in myriad ways. The composer himself created one for voice and piano which he dubbed 'Ave Maria' and added traditional libretto. Another version with voice that Jules Massenet produced includes violin, mezzo-soprano voice, organ, and either harp or piano. Unsurprisingly, an adaptation of Thais Meditation for cello also exists, and is performed as often as on the violin.

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Meditation from Thais, Act 2 entr'acte sheet music sample
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Massenet, Jules | Meditation from Thais, Act 2 entr'acte
D major (Original)