Caprice No. 21 in A - Amoroso - Presto

By Niccolo Paganini

The composer of 'The Dance of the Goblins', Antonio Bazzini, is the dedicadee of the 21st caprice. In the book 'Paganini Twenty-Four Caprices together with Moto Perpetuo and Duo Merveille for Violin' by Emil Kross (Published by Carl Fischer in 1922), the following suggestions are written for this Caprice. The melody in the Amoroso must be played with the utmost expressive feeling. In the Presto, the flying staccato with thrown bow demands careful attention. [It is preferable to use a fingering that avoids continuous shifting].
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Paganini, Niccolo | Caprice No. 21 in A - Amoroso - Presto