Gavotte (in G)

By Giovanni Battista Martini

The origin of this Gavotte is the fifth movement of Martini's Organ Sonata in F major, published in a 12-part series of sonatas for organ or harpsichord 'Sonate d’intavolatura per l’organo e ’l cembalo'. The Gavotte became very popular as a short performance piece for students and professionals alike, as many arrangements and adaptations became available: Georges Bachmann, who nicknamed it 'Gavotte des moutons' (Sheep's Gavotte), arranged it for piano and dedicated it to Antonin Marmontel, Willy Burmester for violin/cello and piano, and Grünwald and Standke for violin & piano.
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Gavotte (in G) sheet music sample
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Martini, Giovanni Battista | Gavotte (in G)