Chanson de Nuit Op.15 No.1

By Edward Elgar

The title is translated to 'Night Song' or 'Song of the Night'. It is the first of two songs, this one preceding 'Chanson de Matin' and dedicated to violinist, member of the Worcestershire Philharmonic Society Orchestra, and possibly a medical doctor, Dr. Frank Ehrke. Violin pedagogue and writer Edith Lynwood Winn included both songs in her list of preferred teaching material. Elgar arranged both songs for other instrumentations including full orchestra with a large wind section, horns, harp, and strings; not as accompaniment but all sharing a function. additionally for viola & piano, oboe & piano and cello & piano.

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Chanson de Nuit Op.15 No.1 sheet music sample
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Elgar, Edward | Chanson de Nuit Op.15 No.1