Wohlfahrt, Franz

Image of Wohlfahrt

Franz Wohlfahrt was born in 1833 in Leipzig, Germany. He learned from teacher and concert master Ferdinand David whom he called ‘unforgettable’ in his ‘Easiest elementary Method for Beginners’ op. 38.

He is most recognized for his violin study books. He decided to create them due to the lack of methods published solely for young violinists – taking their small hands into account. He added that difficult etudes and studies are a common cause for student violinists losing ‘zeal and ambition’ before reaching a minimal point of root technique development. Most of Wohlfahrt’s works are quite simple and fitting for the beginner.

In 1881, Wohlfahrt dedicated his op.74, the ‘70 Leichte melodische Etuden’ (Easy melodic etudes) Joseph Joachim

Volume 1, 1-35: https://imslp.org/wiki/70_Leichte_melodische_Etuden%2C_Op.74_(Wohlfahrt%2C_Franz)

‘70 Leichte melodische Etuden’ Volumes 1 and 2 (36-70)

He’d also dedicated a ‘Trio facile’ (easy trio) in d minor op. 69, to Louis Köhler. A suitable piece for young chamber musicians – two violins and piano.